About Us

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Jalima Aranis and Jalima & Associates are a full service Organizational/Management, Bookkeeping, and CFO Management Consulting Firms whose expert advisory services are custom designed for building better structure in companies.

Founded in 2004, Jalima Aranis is best thought of as an off-site business office department with the capabilities to improve work, bookkeeping, and CFO strategies that increase workplace productivity and efficiency.  Jalima & Associates is best thought as a consulting firm providing services in strategic management, operations management and team building workshops.

There are two primary practice specialties:

JALIMA ARANIS: CFO/Bookkeeping and Financial Practices:
Jalima & Associates’ expert advisory services are custom designed for bookkeeping and finance advisory management.  We assist clients in making smart financial decisions and provides clients with the services and skills to manage day-to-day business issues, systematically and effectively.

JALIMA & ASSOCIATES: Strategic Assessment & Business Management Solutions:
Jalima & Associates has a strategic assessment division that specializes in providing strategic and SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Treads) retreats, communications and business/management solutions, Needs Assessments, and team building. Our areas of specialties include creating better working forces, improving talent efficiency, team building retreats, advisory management and staff development. In any “working” environment there are insidious, profit‐devouring forces hard at work. Operating below the radar of management, these forces compel well‐intentioned employees and managers to compromise the very processes and services they are struggling to improve. These forces can be addressed by applying our proprietary methods (a combination of several models such as Kaizen, Porter, SWOTT and our own creative models). We specialize in creating methods that help businesses create better work environments. We assess waste and improve performance in all sort of working environments.