Jalima Strategic Resilience Program


Jalima & Associates (JA) offers a Strategic Management proprietary resilience program consisting of three phases:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Jalima® Communication Assessment
  3. An actual retreat (one day gathering, can be extended up to 4 days) per occurrence

The purpose is to assist companies that are in the growth stage with a Strategic Management framework for better efficiencies, growth, and continuous improvements. This program is tailored for established corporations.

JA Strategic Management services can provide your company with sustainability tools, QC/QA protocols, operational best practices applied to its talent. We are able to assess efficiencies and help companies create stronger teams (units and subunits) in a seamless fashion. We assess the talent of the company’s strengths, personality preferences and opportunities and how to maximize the talent to deliver superior results, customer service, and reach the company’s goals.  The outcome of the JA program is improvement of existing models, procedures, protocols, policies, and relationships/efficiencies among teams.

Our goal is to help you and your company create better teams in your workforce as well as dissecting all that you do and how it is performed for enhanced performance results. Our program assists companies in helping organizations operate more efficiently, update your systems, protocols, and its technology.

We have a team of researchers in your industry that can assess your company’s efficiencies prior to the actual retreat program. As part of our research metrology, we utilize Rutgers University’s Business Library and one of its top Librarians who is able to access the most up to date research for your industry.

Also, results obtained from this program can help you succeed in better serving your clients and having an objective assessment of your employees’ capabilities and their motivation. The JA Strategic Management program will help you reach your strategic goals.