We are a group of strategic management professionals in several industries:

actuaries, accountants, business development, accounting professionals, Industrial psychologists, HR experts.

We offer CFO and Bookkeeping outsourced Services
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We offer a full range of strategic management services for corporations, small businesses, long term care facilities, senior health services, and universities.
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Jalima Aranis

and Jalima & Associates

Are a full service Organizational/Management, Bookkeeping, and CFO Management Consulting Firms whose expert advisory services are custom designed for building better structure in companies.

Founded in 2004, Jalima Aranis is best thought of as an off-site business office department with the capabilities to improve work, bookkeeping, and CFO strategies that increase workplace productivity and efficiency.  Jalima & Associates is best thought as a consulting firm providing services in strategic management, operations management and team building workshops.

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