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The Jalima Tools for Corporate Understanding was a very enriching exercise. It was beneficial for members to literally “wear their colors” on their clothing and to take this into consideration as they worked together throughout the remainder of the retreat. Ensuring that there was a variety of different colors represented in each group allowed the Board Members to truly understand how to work with members with different personality and working styles. It enabled great self-awareness for each Board member and provided lessons that they could then carry back into each of their respective businesses and personal lives. Jalima Colors definitely had an impactful effect on our Board that translated into proactive application for each of them.

Rutgers University
CUEED Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative

I met Marcela at a business convention and as we spoke about my stuggles with the accounting side of my business, she had the perfect solution! I attended a QuickBooks class taught by Marcela at NJSBDC and was able to gain an understanding and set my business up for success. Marcela and the Jalima team have been my rock since. They seamlessly keep my accounting in order and it is now the easiest part of my business. To surround yourself with such professionals is the key to running a successful business, Jamila & Associates!

Alissa Jenkins
Culinary Resources
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