We are a group of strategic management professionals in several industries:

actuaries, accountants, business development, accounting professionals, Industrial psychologists, HR experts.

We offer a full range of strategic management services for corporations, small businesses, long term care facilities, senior health services, and universities.
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The strategic Retreat for your business (SWOTT™ analysis and feedback) is a program tailored strictly for your business that will help your company grow. We will help your business identify its strengths and weaknesses, fortify your team members' talents and skills, and figure out a way for your business to work even better.
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Jalima Aranis

and Jalima & Associates

Are a full service Organizational/Management, Bookkeeping, and CFO Management Consulting Firms whose expert advisory services are custom designed for building better structure in companies.

Founded in 2004, Jalima Aranis is best thought of as an off-site business office department with the capabilities to improve work, bookkeeping, and CFO strategies that increase workplace productivity and efficiency.  Jalima & Associates is best thought as a consulting firm providing services in strategic management, operations management and team building workshops.

The Team

Our creative team