An operational and emotional intelligence consulting firm that combines lean processes inspired by Kaizen methodology together with emotional intelligence tools.

Strategic Retreat (SWOTT™)

The JALIMA SWOTT™ strategic retreat for your business is a program tailored strictly for your business to help your company figure out better work efficiencies and talent relations.

Resilience Program

Our goal is to help you and your company create better teams in your workforce as well as dissecting all that you do and how it is performed for enhanced performance results.

Personality Spectrum

A valuable tool for understanding differences in personality and temperament.

Educational Services

Education improves outcomes in the workforce. (Curricula development, leadership, financial, operational, and other.)

Our Projects

We specialize in creating methods that help businesses
create better work environments. We assess waste and improve
performance in all sorts of working environments.

Training that is tailored to each individual at  your company and their group/BU needs


Strategic planning solutions for medium to large businesses embracing growth and change

Strategic planning solutions for not-for-profits

Strategic planning solutions for governments

Strategic Retreat (SWOTT™)

Strategic Assessment & Business Management Solutions

Our areas of expertise include creating better work forces, improving talent efficiency, team building retreats, advisory management and staff development. In any “working” environment there are insidious, profit‐devouring forces hard at work. Operating below the radar of management, these forces compel well‐intentioned employees and managers to compromise the very processes and services they are struggling to improve. These forces can be addressed by applying our proprietary methods (a combination of several models such as Kaizen, Porter, SWOTT and our own creative models).

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